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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

African Studies

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The African Studies faculty is composed of more than 100 members campus wide who teach courses with African content.

A minor in African Studies can be taken in conjunction with a department or interdisciplinary major leading to the bachelor’s degree in the colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Education, Fine Arts, Journalism and Communications, and Business Administration. The minor provides a solid foundation for careers in teaching, research and other professional work for which knowledge of Africa is essential.

The requirements for the minor can be fulfilled by following one of several 15-credit hour tracks: African Languages and Literatures; African Visual and Performing Arts; African Humanities and Social Sciences; African Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources.

Please consult the Center for African Studies or the undergraduate coordinator, Grinter Hall, Room 427, 352-392-2183, for complete information.

Overseas Study: The center offers a semester or academic-year program at both the University of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and the University of Botswana.