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2006-07 Undergraduate Catalog


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The minor in mathematics is open to all students not majoring in mathematics.

The three 4000-level courses in the last line of the list below must be taken from the UF Department of Mathematics. No substitutions from other institutions or departments are allowed. A prerequisite for admission to the minor is prior completion of one of these 4000-level courses with a grade of C+ or better.

The following 23-24 credits must be completed with grades of C or better.


Calculus 2: MAC 2312 or MAC 2512 or MAC 34734
Calculus 3: MAC 2313 or MAC 34744
Differential Equations: MAP 23023
Linear Algebra: MAS 4105 or MAS 31143-4
MAA, MAD, MAP, MAS (excluding MAS 4105), MHF or MTG9