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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog


Hours: 15 credits, all completed with grades of C or better

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Required Courses

HBR 3410 Advanced Modern Hebrew 13
HBR 3411 Advanced Modern Hebrew 23

Electives: take three

ARA 1130 Beginning Arabic 13
ARA/HBR 4930 Special Topics3
HBT 3223 Identity and Dissent in the Hebrew Short Story3
HBT 3233 Israeli History and the Contemporary Novel3
HBT 3563 Women in Modern Hebrew Fiction3
HMW 4200 Readings in Modern Hebrew Literature 1 3
HMW 4201 Readings in Modern Hebrew Literature 2 3
POS course with reference to the Middle East conflict3
REL 2210 Hebrew Scriptures 3
REL 3938 Special Topics in Religion - Women/Gender in the Hebrew Bible 3
REL 4293 Special Topics in Biblical Studies3