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Office of the University Registrar

2008-09 Undergraduate Catalog


Native American and Indigenous Studies
Hours: 15 credits minimum

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Prerequisite Courses

AMH 3660 Native American History to 18153
AMH 3661 Native American History Since 18063
ANT 3153 North American Archaeology3

Electives: take 6 hours

AMH 3444 The Far West3
AMH 3569 Women in the American West3
AMH 4111 New World Encounters3
ANT 3162 Aztec Civilization3
ANT 3164 The Inca and Their Ancestors3
ANT 4392 Peoples of the Arctic3
ARH 3605 American Indian Art3
ARH 3656 Ancient South American Art3
REL 2930 Rotating Topics: Native American Religions
(course title/topic change)