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Chemical Engineering

College of Engineering


Anderson T.J., Chair; Block, S.S. Prof. Emeritus; Butler, J.; Chauhan, A.; Crisalle, O.D.; Dickinson, R.B.; Fricke, A.L.; Hoflund, G.B.; Johns, L.E., Jr.; Kirmse, D.W.; Ladd, A.J.C.; Narayanan, R.; Narang, A.; Orazem, M.E.; Park, C.W.; Rajagopalan, R.; Ren, F.; Shah, D.O.; Svoronos, S.A.; D.W. Kirmse, Undergraduate Coordinator

COT 3502 Computer Model Formulation.

Credits: 4; Prereq: ECH 3023; Coreq: EGM 3311 or MAP 2302.

Solutions of scientific and engineering problems using digital computers. Formulation of models for describing physical processes, numerical analysis and computer programming. GR-M†

ECH 1001 Freshman Seminar in Chemical Engineering.

Credits: 1; May be repeated with change of content for a maximum of 4 credits.

Small group discussion with faculty members interested in a field of chemical engineering endeavor.

ECH 3012 Elements of Chem. Engineering 1.

Credits: 3; Coreq: CHM 2046, PHY 3049.

Process synthesis in chemical engineering with emphasis on mass balancing.

ECH 3023 Material and Energy Balances.

Credits: 5; Prereq: CHM 2046, PHY 2048, MAC 2312; Coreq: PHY 2049, MAC 2313.

Formulation and solution of material and energy balances utilizing physical/chemical properties of matter as applied to analyzing unit operation systems.

ECH 3101 Process Thermodynamics.

Credits: 3; Prereq: COT 3502, ECH 3023, CHM 4411.

Introduction to fundamental principles of classical thermodynamics. Applications to modeling and analysis of physical and chemical processes undergoing change.

ECH 3203 Fluid and Solid Operations.

Credits 3; Prereq: COT 3502, ECH 3264.

Characteristics of laminar and turbulent flow, mechanical energy balance, flow through packed beds and fluidization of solids, design of pumping systems and piping networks, and metering of fluids.

ECH 3223 Energy Transfer Operations.

Credits: 3; Prereq: COT 3502, ECH 3264.

Steady state conduction in solids and heterogeneous materials; transient conduction; convection heat transfer; heat transfer during boiling and condensation; radiation heat transfer; design of heat-transfer equipment and heat exchange networks.

ECH 3264 Elementary Transport Phenomena.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 3023; Coreq: EGM 3311 or MAP 2302

Flux law and conservation equations of mass, energy and momentum; steady and unsteady states as applied to physical and chemical processing; macroscopic and microscopic analysis.

ECH 4123 Phase and Chemical Equilibria.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH3101.

Application of thermodynamic principles to systems of variable composition, including the study of phase and chemical equilibria.

ECH 4224L Fluid and Energy Transfer Operations Laboratory.

Credits: 2; Prereq: ECH 3101, ECH 3203, ECH 3223, ENC 2210; Coreq: ECH 4714L.

Laboratory work in unit operations involving heat and momentum transfer.

ECH 4323 Process Control Theory.

Credits: 3; Prereq: COT3502, ECH3023, EGM 3311 or MAP 2302; Coreq: ECH 4323L.

The analysis and automatic control of process systems in chemical engineering.

ECH 4323L Chem. Engineering Laboratory 5.

Credits: 1; Coreq: ECH 4323.

Laboratory work associated with ECH 4323.

ECH 4403 Separation and Mass Transfer Operations.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 3264, ECH 4123.

Theory, design and evaluation of diffusional and staged mass transfer processes including distillation, absorption and extraction, leaching and membrane separations. Computer-aided design methods.

ECH 4404L Separation and Mass Transfer Operations Laboratory.

Credits: 2; Prereq: ECH 4403, ECH 4224L, ECH 4714L.

Laboratory work in unit operations involving mass transfer.

ECH 4504 Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design.

Credits: 4; Prereq: ECH 4123, ECH 3264.

Homogeneous and heterogeneous reaction kinetic modeling and data analysis. Analysis and design of ideal batch, mixed, plug and recycle reactors. Heterogeneous catalysis and reactor design.

ECH 4524 Heterogeneous Chemical Kinetics Reactor Design.

Credits: 2; Prereq: ECH 4504.

Theories of catalytic reactions of adsorbed species at solid surfaces, development or rate expressions with heat and mass transport properties through porous catalyst materials for design of heterogeneous chemical reactors.

ECH 4604 Process Economics.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 3203, ECH 3223; Coreq: ECH 4403.

Introduction to the principles of process economics including specifications and costing of equipment, operations costing and economic evaluation of processes.

ECH 4644 Process Design.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 4403, ECH 4504, ECH 4604, ECH 4824.

Preliminary design of convention chemical processes, including process specifications, siting and layout, equipment sizing, utility and manpower needs, safety and hazard analysis, environmental considerations and economic evaluation. Planning techniques for detailed engineering, construction and startup.

ECH 4714L Safety and Experimental Evaluation.

Credits: 1; Prereq: ENC 2210, STA 3032; Coreq: ECH 4224L.

Laboratory and process safety analysis with emphasis on prevention and mitigation. Experiment design, evaluation and presentation of results. Integrated with ECH 4224L.

ECH 4824 Materials of Chemical Engineering.

Credits: 2; Prereq: ECH 4123.

Relations between microscopic structure and macroscopic mechanical, thermal and electrical properties of organic and inorganic solids. Engineering applications, including corrosion.

ECH 4827 Processing of Complex Fluids.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 3203, ECH 3223, ECH 4123, ECH 4824 or consent of instructor.

The principles involved in quantitative adoption of chemical engineering unit operations and unit processes for the analysis and design of systems involving complex fluids.

ECH 4905 Special Problems in Chemical Engineering.

Credits: 1 to 6. May be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits.

ECH 4912 Integrated Product and Process Design 1.

Credits: 3; Prereq: Senior standing.

The first part of a two-course sequence in which multidisciplinary teams of engineering and business students partner with industry sponsors to design and build authentic product and processes—on time and within budget. Working closely with industry liaison engineers and a faculty coach, students gain practical experience in teamwork and communication, problem solving and engineering design, and develop leadership, management and people skills.

ECH 4913 Integrated Product and Process Design 2.

Credits: 3; Prereq: ECH 4912.

The second part of ECH 4912-4913 sequence.

ECH 4934 Professional Seminar.

Credits: 1; Prereq: Senior standing.

Discussion of issues associated with development of a professional career in chemical engineering. Topics include ethics (presented in a case study format), legal and ethical issues associated with intellectual property, interviewing strategies and presentation skills.

ECH 4944 Practical Work in Chemical Engineering.

Credits: 1 to 5; Prereq: EG classification.

One term industrial employment, including extra work according a pre-approved outline. Practical engineering work under industrial supervision as set forth in college regulations. ††

ECH 4948 Internship Work Experience.

Credits: 1; Prereq: EG classification.

Practical internship work experience under approved industrial supervision, as set forth in college regulations. ††

ECH 4949 Co-op Work Experience.

Credits: 1; Prereq: EG classification.

Practical co-op work experience under approved industrial supervision, as set forth in College Regulations. ††

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