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FAEHN, RHONDA, B.A. (University of California at Los Angeles) Head Women's Gymnastics Coach (2002-2002).

FAGERBERG, SEIGFRED W., Ed.D. (University of Southern Mississippi) Professor of Health Science Education (1971-2001).

FAIRCHILD, GARY F., Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Professor, Food and Resource Economics (1985-1989).

FALLON, LINDA K., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Research Programs/Services (1995-2000).

FALSETTI, ANTHONY B., Ph.D. (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) Associate Professor of Anthropology (1996-1999).

FANG, YUGUANG, Ph.D. (Boston University) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2000-2000).

FANG, ZHIHUI., Ph.D. (Purdue University) Assistant Professor of Education (1997-1997).

FANT, JAMES, B.S.J. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Admissions/Registrar (1997-2001).

FARESE, JIM, D.V.M. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences (1998-1999).

FARMERIE, WILLIAM G., Ph.D. (University of Tennessee) Assistant Scientist of Biotechnology (1992-1997).

FARO, ALBERT, M.D. (University of Pittsburgh) Clinical Assistant Professor in Pediatric Pulmonary Diseases (1998-1998).

FARRAH, SAMUEL R., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University) Professor, Microbiology and Cell Science (1977-1994).

FARRAR, M. JEFFREY, Ph.D. (Emory University) Associate Professor of Psychology (1987-1992).

FASULO, THOMAS R., M.S. (University of Missouri) Associate in Entomology and Nematology (1979-1985).

FATTAHI, TIRBOU T., M.D. (University of Kentucky) Assistant Professor of Surgery/UFHSCJ (2002-2002).

FAVINI, PAUL, M.F.A. (Indiana University) Assistant Professor of Theatre and Dance (2000-2000).

FAY, SCOTT A., Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Assistant Professor of Marketing (2000-2001).

FAZEL, ALI, M.D. (National University (SBU)-Tehran, Iran) Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

FEAGEANS, MARY E., M.D. (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor and Medical Director, San Jose Family Practice Center/UFHSCJ (1995-1995).

FEAGIN, JOE R., Ph.D. (Harvard University) Graduate Research Professor of Sociology (1990-1990).

FEDUNAK, CHARLES A., M.Ed. (University of Central Oklahoma) Extension Agent III, Horticulture, Lake County (1994-2000).

FELDHERR, CARL M., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology and Biochemistry (1967-1977).

FELLER, DAVID B., M.D. (University of Florida) Assistant Professor of Community Health and Family Medicine (1992-1993).

FELTER, ELIZABETH A., M.A. (University of Florida) Extension Agent II, MC Foliage, Orange County (1994-2000).

FENNELL, EILEEN B., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology (1978-1987).

FENNELL, ROBERT S., III, M.D. (University of Florida) Professor of Pediatric Nephrology and Medical Program Director for the Comprehensive Children's Kidney Treatment Center (1973-1986).

FENSTER, MARK, J.D. (Yale Law School) Assistant Professor of Law (2001-2001).

FENYO-MORALES, ILONA., B.A. (Rutgers University) PA-C Community Health and Family Medicine/UFHSCJ (1981-1997).

FERDIG, RICHARD E., Ph.D. (Michigan State University) Assistant Professor of Education (2001-2001).

FEREE, NITA M., M.A.L.I.S. (University of South Florida) Instructor University Librarian, Health Science Center Library (2002-2002).

FERGUSON, DEMERS, JULIE ANNE, B.S. (University of Florida) Physician's Assistant, Student Health Care Center (2001-2001).

FERGUSON, HOWIE S., M.S. (University of Florida) Senior Project Manager (1999-2000).

FERGUSON, JAMES JOHN, Ph.D. (University of California, Riverside) Professor, Horticultural Sciences (1981-1997).

FERGUSON, KEVIN L., M.D. (University of Michigan) Clinical Assistant Professor and Associate Program Director Department of Emergency Medicine (2001-2001).

FERGUSON, MARY ANN, Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin) Professor of Journalism and Communications (1981-1993).

FERL, ROBERT J., Ph.D. (Indiana University) Professor and Assistant Director, Horticultural Sciences (1980-1994).

FERNANDEZ, GEORGE BUD, U.S. Army, Command Sergeant Major, Retired Assistant to the Athletic Director (1972-2002).

FERNANDO, SAMUEL Y., M.S. (University of Hawaii) Coordinator Research Program, Food Science and Human Nutrition (1973-1997).

FERRER, MILLIE, Ph.D. (Florida State University) Associate Professor, Human Development (1984-1997).

FERRIGNO, KELLY, M.D. (Temple University, Philadelphia) Clinical Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

FETHERE, DOMINIQUE, B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Clinical Programs (1996-1998).

FETHIERE, RICHARD PIERRE, M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Research Programs, Agronomy (1989-1995).

FIELD, RICHARD D., JR., Ph.D. (University of California, Berkeley) Professor of Physics (1980-1980).

FIELDING, SHARON I., B.S. (University of Florida) Physician Assistant in Pediatric Hematology (1994-1994).

FIELDS, MARGARET U., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Administrative Services of Zoology (2002-2002).

FIELDS, MICHAEL J., Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Professor, Animal Sciences (1973-1987).

FIGLIO, DAVID N., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Associate Professor of Economics (1995-2001).

FIGUEIREDO, RENATO, Ph.D. (Purdue University) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2002-2002).

FIGUEROA, EDGAR A., M.D. (Universidad Central del Este) Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery/UFHSCJ (1999-1999).

FIK, TIMOTHY J., Ph.D. (University of Arizona) Associate Professor of Geography (1989-1993).

FILLINGIM, ROGER B., Ph.D. (University of Alabama at Birmingham) Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry (2000-2000).

FILLIPPS, DONALD J., M.D. (CETEC University School of Medicine) Clinical Assistant Professor of General Pediatrics (1998-1998).

FINIEWICZ, KATARZYNA, M.D. (Medical Academy in Wroclaw, Poland) Assistant Professor (1999-1999).

FINNERTY, DAVID J., B.A. (University of Central Florida) Director of Publications (2001-2001).

FIRMENT, CHRISTOPHER S., M.D. (University of Louisville) Clinical Assistant Professor of Radiology (2002-2002).

FIRPI MORELL, ROBERTO J., M.D. (University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine) Assistant Professor (2002-2002).

FISCHLER, IRA S., Ph.D. (Stanford University) Professor of Psychology (1973-1986).

FISHER, JUDITH E., Ph.D. (University of Southern California) Coordinator, Educational Media/Communications (2001-2001).

FISHWICK, PAUL A., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (1986-1998).

FITZ-COY, NORMAN G., Ph.D. (Auburn University) Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (1990-1996).

FITZGERALD, JAMES T., B.S.B.A. (University of Florida) Adjunct Associate In Engineering (1976-1996).

FITZMORRIS, ANN, M.Ed. (Louisiana State University) Associate in Business and Associate Director for Advisement Activities (1990-1997).

FITZPATRICK, GEORGE E., Ph.D. (Rutgers University) Professor, Environmental Horticulture, REC-Ft. Lauderdale (1976-1995).

FITZSIMMONS, JEFFREY R., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Professor of Radiology (1979-1995).

FLANEGAN, JAMES B., Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Professor and Chairman of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1978-1999).

FLANNERY, MARK J., Ph.D. (Yale University) Barnett Banks Eminent Scholar in Banking and Finance and Professor of Finance (1989-1989).

FLAVIN, JAMES WILLIAM, M.Ed. (University of Florida) Associate In Media Research and Instruction (1974-1991).

FLEETWOOD, DENNIS, M.S. (University of Georgia) Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety, Head, Hazardous Materials Management (1994-1994).

FLEMING, DAVID S., Ph.D. (University of South Carolina, Columbia) Assistant Professor of Exercise and Sport Sciences (1998-1998).

FLEMING, W. A., M.S. (North Carolina State University) Director, IFAS Personnel (1998-1998).

FLETCHER, BRADLEY S., M.D. (University of California, Los Angeles) Instructor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2001-2001).

FLETCHER, JAMES H., M.S. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University) County Extension Director and Extension Agent IV, Brevard County (1984-2001).

FLETCHER, LUCIA N., Ph.D. (University of California-Los Angeles) Assistant Professor of Neuroscience (1999-1999).

FLINCHUM, D. MITCHELL, Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Professor and Co-Director, UF/IFAS Lake Okeechobee Protection Program. (2000-2001).

FLINT, KELLY J., B.S. (State University of New York Brockport) Coordinator, Research Programs 2 (2002-2002).

FLOCKS, JOAN D., J.D. (University of Florida) Research Assistant Professor, Environmental Health (1997-1997).

FLOOD, IAN, Ph.D. (University of Manchester, UK) Associate Professor of Building Construction (1996-1999).

FLOTTE, TERENCE, M.D. (Louisiana State University) Associate Professor in Pediatric Pulmonary (1996-1998).

FLOURNOY, ALYSON, J.D. (Harvard Law School) Professor of Law (1988-1994).

FLOWERS, FRANKLIN P., M.D. (University of Florida) Professor of Otolaryngology (1982-2001).

FLOWERS, LAMONT A., Ph.D. (University of Iowa) Assistant Professor of Education (2000-2000).

FLOYD, MYRON F., Ph.D. (Texas A & M University) Associate Professor of Recreation (2001-2001).

FLOYD, SUSAN S., B.S. (University of South Florida) Information/Publications Services Coordinator, Bureau of Economic and Business Research (1977-1994).

FLYNN, TIMOTHY C., M.D. (Baylor College of Medicine) Professor, General Surgery and Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education (1984-2000).

FOERSTER, ULRICH, D.D.S. (Marquette University) Clinical Associate Professor of Operative Dentistry (1997-1999).

FOLEY, JEREMY, M.Ed. (Ohio University) Athletics Director (1977-1992).

FOLTA, KEVIN M., Ph.D. (University of Illinois at Chicago) Assistant Professor, Horticultural Sciences (2002-2002).

FOLTZ, JOHN L., Ph.D. (University of Michigan) Associate Professor, Entomology and Nematology (1977-1982).

FOLTZ, RICHARD, Ph.D. (Harvard University) Assistant Professor of Religion (2000-2000).

FONDACARO, MARK R., Ph.D. (Indiana University - Bloomington) Assistant Professor, Psychology and Center for Criminology and Law (1997-1997).

FONTAN, JOHNNY M., Human Resources (University of Tennessee) Residence Life Coordinator, Housing (2002-2002).

FOOKS, KAREN L., B.A. (University of Florida) Director, Student Financial Affairs (1973-1988).

FOOSHEE, CHRIS W., M.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator Research Programs/Services MREC-Apopka (2000-2000).

FOOTE, KELLY D., M.D. (University of Utah) Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery (2002-2002).

FORAN, PATRICK, M.B.A. (Duke University) Assistant In and Associate Director of MBA Admissions (2002-2002).

FORD, MICHAEL W., J.D. (Marquette University Law School) Associate General Counsel (2002-2002).

FORRESTER, DONALD JASON, Ph.D. (University of California-Davis) Professor, Department of Pathobiology (1969-1979).

FORSMARK, CHRISTOPHER, M.D. (Johns Hopkins University) Associate Professor and Chief of Medicine (1990-2002).

FORTES, JOSE A., Ph.D. (University of Southern California) Professor and Bellsouth Eminent Scholar of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2001-2001).

FOSS, JOANNE, Ph.D. (Syracuse University) Lecturer of Occupational Therapy (1989-1998).

FOSS, ROBIN M., B.H.S. (Duke University) Associate In Pathology (1987-1992).

FOSSUM, JERRY GEORGE, Ph.D. (University of Arizona) Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1978-1980).

FOSTER, DAVID, Ph.D. (State University of New York at Albany) Associate Professor of Geological Sciences (1997-2000).

FOSTER, MALCOLM T., JR., M.D. (Bowman-Gray School of Medicine) Professor of Medicine/UFHSCJ (1977-1994).

FOSTER, RUNI AREPALLY, M.D. (Medical College of Georgia) Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine (1994-1994).

FOWLER, DONNA L., B.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Student Affairs, Student Financial Affairs (1977-1995).

FOWLER, LYNN M., B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator Student Affairs Dean's office, College of Pharmacy (2000-2000).

FOX, ALISON M., Ph.D. (University of Glasgow) Assistant Professor, Agronomy (1993-1993).

FOX, ALLYSON, B.S. (University of Florida) Coordinator Research Programs (2002-2002).

FOX, ROBERT M., Ph.D. (Auburn University) Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1986-1992).

FOX, SCOTT, B.A. (Muhlenberg College) Assistant Director, Transportation and Parking Services (1998-1999).

FOX NELLIS, BARBARA, B.S. (Rochester Institute of Technology) Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety, Head, Biological Safety Office (2001-2001).

FRANCIS, ELAINE, Ph.D. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Clinical Programs in Pediatrics (2002-2002).

FRANCIS, JOYCE, Ph.D. (Cornell University) Associate Director, Research Programs (2002-2002).

FRANCIS, MARGARET, M.S. (University of Hartford) Coordinator Clinical Programs (2002-2002).

FRANCIS, NADENE R., B.S. (University of Florida) Assistant Director for Public Relations (2000-2000).

FRANCIS, RICHARD L., Ph.D. (Northwestern University) Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (1971-1971).

FRANCIS, SCOTT, M.S. Student Personnel, (Western Illinois University) Resident Life Coordinator, Housing (2000-2002).

FRANCIS, WAYNE L., Ph.D. (Indiana University) Professor of Political Science (1986-1986).

FRANCIS-FLOYD, RUTH T., D.V.M. (University of Florida) Professor, Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences (1987-2001).

FRANCO, ROBERT S., M.D. (Meharry Medical School) Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, UFHSCJ (1998-1998).

FRANK, J. HOWARD, Ph.D. (Oxford University) Professor, Entomology and Nematology (1974-1987).

FRANK, MICHAEL P., Ph.D. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (1999-1999).

FRANK, ROBERT G., Ph.D. (University of New Mexico) Dean, College of Health Professions, Professor of Clinical and Health Psychology (1995-2000).

FRANKLIN, JAMES R., B.S. (East Tennessee State University) Coordinator, Educational Media Communications, College of Engineering (1973-1981).

FRANKS, BRIDGET A., Ph.D. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) Associate Professor of Education (1991-1997).

FRANZ, LAWRENCE R., JR., M.S.T. (University of Montana) Associate Scientist of Natural History, Florida Museum of Natural History (1972-1972).

FRANZEN, DIANE C., M.S. (University of Nebraska) Extension Agent III, Home Economics St. Lucie County (1987-1993).

FRASER, BARBARA A., M.S. (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing (2001-2001).

FRAZER, LAUREL, M.Ed. (University of Montreal) Coordinator Clinical Program (2002-2002).

FRAZER, NAT B., Ph.D. (University of Georgia) Professor and Chair, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (1999-1999).

FRAZER, THOMAS K., Ph.D. (University of California) Assistant Professor, Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (1995-1996).

FRAZIER, CHARLES EDWIN, Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University) Vice Provost, Senior Associate Vice President and Professor of Criminology (1972-1999).

FRAZIER, E. LYNN, M.S. (University of Florida) Executive Associate Director, International Center and Assistant In (1997-1999).

FRECSKA, EDE O., M.D. (Semmelweis University Faculty of Medicine) Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry, VAMC (2001-2001).

FREDERICK, PETER C., Ph.D. (University of North Carolina) Research Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology and Conservation College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (1991-1998).

FREEDMAN, JILL I., M.D. (State University of New York-HSC Syracuse) Clinical Assistant Professor (1996-1997).

FREEDMAN, STEVE N.A., Ph.D. (Florida State University) Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Institute for Child Health Policy (1983-1998).

FREEL, JR. ROBERT W., Ph.D. (University of California-Los Angeles) Research Associate Professor of Pathology (2001-2001).

FREEMAN, JOHN G., M.A. (Wichita State University) Associate Professor of Journalism and Communications (1991-1995).

FREGLY, BENJAMIN J., Ph.D. (Stanford University) Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (1999-1999).

FREIFELD, ALICE, Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley) Associate Professor of History (1994-2001).

FRENCH, BYRON T., Ph.D. (Kansas State University) Associate Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (1982-1992).

FRENCH, LATOYA, M.A. (University of Florida) Coordinator, Public Functions, Center for Performing Arts (2001-2001).

FRESH, ELINORE L., M.A. (University of Hawaii) Instructor of Chinese Language and Literature (1999-2002).

FREUND, JOHN W., B.A. (University of Minnesota) Coordinator, Academic Support Services, Preservation (1988-1990).

FREUND, LEILANI S., M.L.S. (University of California, Berkeley) Associate University Librarian, Humanities and Social Sciences Services (1988-1996).

FRICKER, FREDERICK JAY, M.D. (Loyola-Stritch School of Medicine) Professor and Chief of Pediatric Cardiology (1995-96).

FRIEDMAN, ALLAN D., M.D. (University of Maryland) Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics/UFHSCJ (2002-2002).

FRIEDMAN, ARNOLD C., M.D. (Albert Einstein College of Medicine) Professor and Associate Chairman of Radiology (2000-2000).

FRIEDMAN, WILLIAM A., M.D. (Ohio State University) Chairman and A.L. Rhoton Professor of Neurosurgery (1982-1999).

FRIEL, MICHAEL K., LL.M. (New York University) Associate Dean, Director, Graduate Tax Program and Professor of Law, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (1998-1996).

FRISON, LISA M., D.O. (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine) Clinical Associate Professor of Anesthesiology/UFHSCJ (2000-2002).

FROELICH, MICHAEL A., M.D. (University of Vienna School of Medicine) Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Chief, Obstetric Anesthesia (1998-2001).

FROSCH, JOAN, M.A. (Columbia University) Associate Professor of Theatre (1995-1995).

FROST, SUSAN C., Ph.D. (University of Arizona) Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1985-2001).

FROST-PINEDA, KIMBERLY, M.S. (University of South Florida) Coordinator, Research Programs (1998-2000).

FROUHAR, VINCENT A., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology (1999-1999).

FRY, JAMES N., Ph.D. (Princeton University) Professor of Physics and Astronomy (1983-1995).

FRYKBERG, ERIC R., M.D. (Medical College of Virginia) Professor of Surgery/UFHSCJ (1985-1996).

FU, DANLING, Ph.D. (Indiana University) Associate Professor of Education (1995-1999).

FU, LIMIN, Ph.D. (Stanford University) Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (1990-2000).

FUCHS, GERHARD E., Ph.D. (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering (1998-1998).

FUJITA, SHIRO, M.D. (Faculty of Medicine Kyoto University) Assistant Professor of Transplantation (2000-2000).

FUKAI, DENNIS., Ph.D. (University of California-Berkeley) Assistant Professor of Building Construction (1997-1997).

FUKUYAMA, MARY A., Ph.D. (Washington State University) Clinical Professor, University Counseling Center (1982-1994).

FULLER, ALBERT E., M.S. (University of Florida) Extension Agent IV, County Extension Director, Levy County (1977-1991).

FULLER, DAVID H. JR., M.L.S. (North Carolina Central University) Assistant University Librarian, Access Services (1996-1996).

FULLER, DENNIS, M.B.A. (University of North Florida) Director, Reimbursement Accounting, Shands at the University of Florida (1988-1988).

FUNDERBURK, JAMIE R., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Clinical Assistant Professor, University Counseling Center (1988-1990).

FUNDERBURK, JOSEPH, Ph.D. (Iowa State University) Professor, Entomology and Nematology NFREC-Quincy (1985-1995).

FUNDERBURK, MARCIA W., M.D. (University of Iowa) Clinical Associate Professor and Program Director, Division of Family Medicine/UFHSCJ (1988-1997).

FUQUAY, STEPHEN FREDERIC, M.L.S. (Florida State University) Associate University Librarian, Resource Services (1972-1977).

FUSSEL, PAULA V., M.B.A. (Nova University) Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration (1984-2002).

FUTCH, STEPHEN H., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Extension Agent IV, Citrus, MC, CREC-Lake Alfred, (1985-1999).

FUTTERKNECHT, FRANZ O., Ph.D. (University of Mannheim) Professor of German (1987-1992).

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