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Office of the University Registrar

2005-06 Undergraduate Catalog

Faculty and Staff

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ULMER, GREGORY, Ph.D. (Brown University) Professor of English (1972-1985).

UMAN, MARTIN ALLAN, Ph.D. (Princeton University) Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (1971-1991).

UMPHREY, JAMES EDWARD, M.S. (Auburn University) Assistant In, Animal Sciences (1988-2001).

UNDERHILL, JANNA L., M.F.R.C. (University of Florida) Coordinator of Academic Support Services, Food Science and Human Nutrition (1994-1994).

UNGOR, ALPER, Ph.D. (University of Illinois) Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science and Engineering (2004-2004).

UNRUH, J. BRYAN, Ph.D. (Iowa State University) Assistant Professor, Environmental Horticulture Extension Turfgrass, WFREC-Milton (1996-1996).

UNRUH SNYDER, LORI J., Ph.D. (North Carolina State University) Lecturer, Agronomy (2004-2004).

URAL, ANT, Ph.D. (Stanford University) Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2001-2003).

URBAN, CHERYL J., B.S. (University of Utah) Coordinator, Insurance and Risk, Self Insurance Program, JHMHC (2000-2000).

URDANETA, FELIPE, M.D. (Colegio Mayor de Neustra Senora del Rosario) Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology (1999-1999).

URYASEV, STANISLAV, Ph.D. (Institute of Cybernetics-Kiev) Associate Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering (1998-1998).

UTHMAN, BASIM M., M.D. (American University of Beirut) Associate Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, VAMC (1991-1998).