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Military Commitment Upon Course Completion
Uniforms, Equipment and Textbooks


Lower-division ROTC academic courses, referred to as basic or general military courses, are open to all university students. These elective courses, offered by the Department of Military Science, are designed to introduce students to a military service (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) and their respective roles in national defense. No experience with the military is required or expected. Upper -division courses are intended for the juniors and seniors who are actively pursuing a commission as an officer. Cadets and midshipmen who complete the upper-division courses receive their commission upon graduation. Candidates for the commissioning program must be medically qualified, be physically fit, be U.S. citizens, be in good academic standing, have no criminal record and demonstrate leadership potential. Final selection of students for the advanced course is made by the professor of military science, professor of naval science or professor of aerospace studies.

ROTC Scholarship Program

The ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964 provides for college scholarships to ROTC cadets and midshipmen. Scholarships are competitive and pay either the cost of tuition, books, fees, supplies and equipment or an amount toward that coverage (depending on the service) plus a monthly subsistence allowance of $250 (FR), $300 (SO), $350 (JR), and $400 (SR). Scholarships are offered for two, three and four years.

Students With Military Training Elsewhere

Students transferring from other college-level institutions with ROTC units are allowed credit for military studies completed elsewhere, up to the amount allowed by the institution from which the transfer is made, provided such credit does not exceed four semester hours for the Air Force general military course. For the Army ROTC program, transfer of all four semesters of the basic course is normally accepted. Students already in the advance course must receive approval from the professor of military science for approval of upper-division credit transfers.

A cadet who transfers to another institution with a similar-service ROTC detachment may transfer membership in the Army or Navy advanced course or the Air Force professional officer course to that detachment. Eligibility for admission to military science, naval science and aerospace studies courses at this university is determined by the professors of military science, naval science or aerospace studies.

Military Commitment Upon Course Completion

Non-scholarship students enrolled in Army, Air Force or Navy ROTC incur no military commitment during their first two years (basic course) in the program. Upon selection by the respective departments, students completing the basic course or its equivalent may enter the ROTC advanced course. Such students execute a contract at time of entry that obligates them, upon successful completion of the advanced course and commissioning, to serve on active duty for a period of not less than three years for Army, three years for Navy and four years for Air Force. Assignments are subject to orders of the appropriate service secretary.

A graduate will continue as a member of the regular or reserve component of that service until the sixth and not later than the eighth anniversary of the commission. ROTC scholarship students incur an identical military commitment except they must serve at least four years on active duty, if selected, and depending on the service selection and warfare specialty.

Army ROTC students also may elect to participate in the guaranteed reserve forces duty option, whereby they are not required to serve on active duty. After commissioning and completion of the basic branch school, they are assigned to an Army Reserve or National Guard unit to fulfill the remainder of their eight-year obligation in a reserve forces status.

Interested students should apply in person at the office of the professor of military, naval or aerospace science in Van Fleet Hall.

Uniforms, Equipment and Textbooks

ROTC uniforms are identical to regulation uniforms except for insignia. Cadets and midshipmen must wear the uniform on specified days.

Newly entering students in the Army and Air Force ROTC are issued required uniforms and texts. The uniforms and texts remain the property of ROTC and are returned to supply during semesters of nonattendance, transfer to another institution or upon completion of the prescribed course of instruction.

Navy uniforms are permanently issued to midshipmen as long as satisfactory NROTC participation is carried out. Navy/Marine Corps scholarship midshipmen receive a $300 textbook stipend each semester they are active in the NROTC program.

Army advanced course students are required to purchase a textbook for a nominal fee.

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