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General Education Minor

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The intent of this minor is to provide students with a clearer understanding of the purposes and function of education and the social and psychological forces that affect young people. The minor is not intended to lead to teacher certification. Students are required to have the approval of their colleges on the "Application to Add or Cancel a Minor," available from the Office of the University Registrar. Courses from this general minor may not be substituted for the Secondary PROTEACH Minor.

A student who chooses this minor is expected to complete 15 hours with grades of C or better from the courses listed below. Students must select courses from at least three of the five sections, and no course substitutions are permitted.

Each course is three semester hours except SDS 3481, which is two semester hours, and EME 4200, which is four semester hours.

EDF 3110 Human Growth and Development

EDF 3135 The Adolescent

EDF 3210 Educational Psychology

EDF 3514 History of Education

EDF 3604 Social Foundations of Education

EDF 3810 Comparative Education

EEX 3312 Exceptional People: School and Society

EEX 3070 Teachers and Learners in Inclusive


SDS 3482 Stress and Anxiety Management

SDS 3481 Alcohol and Drug Abuse (2 semester hours)

SDS 3340 Career and Life Span Planning

SDS 4410 Interpersonal Communication Skills

EME 4200 Production and Utilization of Educational Media (4 semester hours)

Credit will not be given toward the minor if you TA for a class.

Program Planning

Program changes related to teacher certification requirements are possible. The curriculum of state-approved teacher preparation programs is subject to revision to accommodate legislative or Department of Education mandates. New rules may affect required courses in all teacher preparation programs.

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