Online Course Options

There are a variety of ways to pursue a UF degree online, ranging from web courses for residential students to fully online bachelor's degrees in 24 majors offered by UF Online. UF’s Distance Learning also offers masters, doctoral and certificate programs online.

Web Courses

Many of the courses offered on UF’s campus have an online component. Oftentimes, a course has a Canvas site where students can participate in discussions, view grades, and take quizzes or exams. In the UF Schedule of Courses, located in ONE.UF, students can find course offerings and determine to what percentage the course is available via the web:

  • Primarily Classroom/Traditional: an on-campus only class
  • Hybrid: online and in-person sessions
  • Online (80-99%): online with some in-person exams or projects
  • Online (100%): all online or distance learning

UF Online Courses

UF Online courses are specifically for undergraduate students enrolled in the 24 majors of UF Online or the approximately 60 majors of UF PaCE. UF Online provides an accessible, flexible education for those looking to pursue a fully online degree program. Freshman PaCE students take at least 15 credits of classes via UF Online and may transition to residential learning at the completion of 60 credit hours.

Students pursuing degrees via UF Online or PaCE can find available courses in the Schedule of Courses, located in ONE.UF, under the program dropdown.

Distance Learning

UF Distance Learning offers a selection of online degrees at the masters, specialists and doctoral levels, as well as online undergraduate and masters-level certificates.

Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning courses are online, open-enrollment credit courses available to anyone. Admission to the University of Florida is not a requirement. Students receive an official UF transcript when they successfully complete their coursework.