Drop/Add Policies

Drop/add is the period following initial registration when students may make class schedule adjustments. Drop/add dates are shown in UF’s Dates and Deadlines (as listed in the Academic Calendar). Courses can be dropped or added during drop/add without penalty.

Classes that meet for the first time after drop/add closes can be dropped without penalty or fee liability if the request is submitted by the end of the next business day after the first class meeting.

Failure to attend a class does not constitute a drop.

When Drop/Add Ends

After drop/add, students can drop a course with the approval of their college up until the drop deadline in the academic calendar. Students will receive a grade of W on the transcript and are fee liable for the dropped course.

Drop Limitations

Undergraduate students get two drops in their first 60 credits attempted and two drops in the second 60 credits attempted. Transfer students are allotted two drops total. Unused drops do not carry over. The full drop policy can be found in the catalog.

When to Petition

Students can petition the drop/add policy for these circumstances:

  • Students with disabilities who need to drop a course due to disability-related reasons
  • Students who can document extenuating circumstances that have occurred since the course began
  • Students who need to drop after the last day of classes who are seeking a retroactive drop that is not for medical reasons