How To Register

Advance Registration

During advance registration, priority is given to graduate and then undergraduate students. Undergraduate start times are assigned based on credit hours used toward the primary major, with earlier times assigned to students with greater credit hours used.

Once a student's start time has passed, a student can access the registration system up until an assigned end date and time.

Registration Priority

To learn more about registration priority and how to calculate the number of credits used toward a primary major for undergraduate students, refer to the Student Success website.

Registration System Hours

Generally, the ONE.UF registration system is open 24 hours.

How to Register Successfully

  1. Log on to ONE.UF to access the Schedule of Courses to plan for your registration as well as accessing the registration system.
  2. If you are prevented from registering, ensure you have no holds on your record by looking at Registration Holds.
  3. Once registered, save a copy of your schedule.

Summer A/B/C Registrations

If you register for a summer A/C course that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to take in summer B, you must work with your academic advisor to add the summer B course.

If you register for a summer A/B/C course that is a prerequisite for a course you wish to take in the fall, you can add the fall course yourself via ONE.UF.

After You Register

  • Refer to ONE.UF to view the textbook requirements for each of your courses.
  • If you cannot attend a semester for which you have registered, you MUST drop all courses before registration closes or you will be liable for fees.
  • If you do not attend at least one of the first two class meetings or scheduled labs and you do not contact the department offering the course, you MAY be dropped from the course.
  • However, do not assume that you will be dropped automatically if you miss the first two class meetings.


Drop/add ends promptly at 11:59 pm on the final day of the drop/add period. Students will be held fee liable for all courses on their schedule after this time.

Avoiding Late Registration Fees

Students must be registered for at least one credit by 11:59 pm on the last business day before drop/add begins to avoid the $100.00 late registration fee.

Course Credit Formats

Variable credit courses require you to enter the number of credits in a two-digit format; three credits would be entered as 03. If you register for an incorrect number of credits, you must drop the course and add it again with the correct credits.