Auditing Courses

When Can a Student Audit a Course?

Auditing courses is only permitted when space is available and is approved by the instructor and dean of the college offering the course. Students must pay tuition and fees, as well as show proof of immunization.

When students audit a course, they do not earn credits or grades. A transcript of audited courses can be produced. Students typically audit courses to further their knowledge of a subject without the requirement of an academic record.

Students auditing a course to complete course requirements should refer to the Grades/Grading Policies in the academic catalog.

Steps to Successfully Audit a Course

  1. Follow the instructions for necessary signatures when completing the audit form.
  2. Return the form to the Registrar's Office via the secure document upload.
  3. Deadline to complete the audit form is the last day of Drop/Add for the term: academic dates and deadlines.
  4. Proof of immunization may be required before registering.
  5. Students who audit a course for continuing education units (CEUs) are advised that CEUs will NOT appear on their transcript, but there will be a listing of the courses taken with AUD in the grade field. The instructor awards CEUs based on an evaluation of the student's participation in the course. One CEU is equivalent to one credit hour.
  6. Students are liable for tuition and fees, which are the same fee rates as courses for credit.

Florida Residents Age 60 +

Florida residents age 60 and over are not required to pay tuition or fees when auditing a course. Complete the audit form and submit it through the secure document upload along with a valid State ID, verifyting your date of birth. To use the secure upload you must have a GatorLink Username and password. If you do not have a GatorLink Username and password, bring your completed audit form and valid State ID to the OneStop at S107L Criser Hall.


If you have questions regarding other conditions that apply to audited courses, refer to your college dean's office, which is responsible for advising students of the conditions that apply to auditing a course.