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Visiting/Transient and Non-degree Students

Transient students can be classified as visiting students who are attending UF, or as UF students who are attending another school.

Visiting Students Attending UF

Undergraduate students in good standing at another accredited collegiate institution can enroll full time at UF as non-degree transient students to complete work to transfer back to the parent institution.

The university has no available space for transient students during the fall and spring semesters; transient students should plan to take courses at UF during the summer terms only (A, B or C).

UF will not evaluate work previously completed, and it is the student's responsibility to secure approvals required by the parent institution. Certification to Social Security and Veterans Administration programs also is the responsibility of the student, who must request each institution to furnish records.

Non-degree transient students are subject to these restrictions.

Non-degree transient enrollment is subject to the availability of faculty, space and facilities.

How To Apply

Undergraduate students attending a State University System or Florida College System institution should apply online at Florida Shines. You do not need to complete the Non-Degree Application once you have applied via Florida Shines.

Undergraduate students attending a private Florida school or out-of-state institution should apply via the Non-Degree Application link below:

UF Students Attending Other Schools

A transient student application is used when you wish to attend another institution for a semester. It lets the other college or university know that you are a degree-seeking student at UF. It also helps you determine, with an adviser, what courses can be taken that will work with your current degree track.

How To Apply

If you wish to attend another State University System or Florida College System institution, apply online at Florida Shines. Transient student applications completed on the Florida Shines site are automatically referred to your adviser and to the Office of the University Registrar within three to five business days.

If you wish to attend a private Florida school or out-of-state institution, please print out the Transient Student Application below.

Using the transient student application, complete the demographic information in section A. Have your academic dean or adviser complete section B to determine which courses may be taken at another institution to keep you on track in your degree program. Bring the application, along with valid ID, to the Registrar's Office to certify section C.

If you need assistance, please come by 222 Criser Hall or call 352-392-1374.

Student responsibilities:

  • Find out the deadlines to submit paperwork and register for classes at the other school.
  • Do you need anything other than the transient student application (i.e. transcript, immunization form)?
  • Visit the other school's website to find out what courses they are offering for the term.
  • Retain a copy of the completed application for future reference.
  • If you are a financial aid or scholarship recipient, take a copy of the completed Transient Student application to Student Financial Affairs (Financial Aid) in 107 Criser Hall, to determine if your scholarship or financial aid can be used at the other school.
  • Upon completion of classes, university regulations require that you request an official copy of your transcript be sent to: University of Florida, Transfer Credit Evaluation, PO Box 114000, Gainesville, FL 32611-4000. You may ask that the transcript be sent electronically if the other Florida institution participates in the electronic transfer program.