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Compass Implementation FAQ

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December 11

Compass SIS Update

Grades and Degrees Processing

Grading opened for faculty at 8 a.m. Friday, Dec. 7th, and closes at 12:30 p.m. Monday, December 17th

Open grading assistance for faculty will be available in 302 Criser 10 a.m.-noon and 2 p.m.-4 p.m. this week (Dec. 10th to Dec. 14th)

The student transcript and degree audit view will be closed in the mainframe (MF) and in ONE.UF at 8 a.m. Monday, Dec. 17th

At 12:30 p.m., Monday, Dec. 17th:

-> Grades are due

-> Grades are posted to the Student Information System (SIS). (Grades may be viewed by advisors as they are posted and all grades should be viewable by advisors in the evening.)

-> The process will run to copy grades to the MF

-> Universal Tracking (UT) Final Processing will be built and an email sent to advisors

-> The process begins to produce degree audits in SIS and MF

-> UT milestones for new students will be updated

Tuesday, December 18th, 8 a.m.

-> Met/Unmet Reports will be available; Degree certification will open for all certifiers

-> At 2 p.m. Dec. 18th:

1 -> Deadline for colleges and departments to certify graduate degrees/the Graduate School begins degree certification review

2 -> Admissions revokes term activation for students who did not matriculate

3 -> UT Off-Track Milestones will be applied at the end of the day

Beginning at 12 p.m., Wednesday, Dec. 19th, and continuing throughout the day and evening

-> Deadline for all colleges to certify and finalize all degrees, minors and certificates

-> Post degrees to SIS

-> Send Graduation email to degree candidates

-> The Did I Graduate link will be made available on ONE.UF in the evening for students to view certification results.

-> Staff will be able to view certification results in CS respectively.

-> Build degree audits for all students with Fall final grades

-> Assign Probation on the MF

-> Build initial audits for new students in the SIS

-> Begin processing transcript requests with Fall 2018 term grades and degrees.

On Thursday, Dec. 20th:

-> Students can view grades/degree remarks in ONE.UF

-> Students can view degree audits in ONE.UF

-> Probation reports available to view

-> UT Holds applied

Transcripts with grades and degrees will be available on Thursday, December 20th (preferably by mid-morning).

September 17

Compass SIS Update

Please be aware that there has been a change in how student levels associated with student academic progress will be displayed including in the students view in ONE.UF, the administrators view in myUFL (i.e., Student Services Center) and the unofficial transcript. The unofficial transcript is accessible through myUFL, and now scheduled to be available via ONE.UF on September 19th. Undergraduate and graduate students will no longer be classified by year level (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), but rather by type of degree level. Those designations are listed below. Professional students will continue to have level designations.

Previous classifications and codes displayed elsewhere may have changed, and may reflect more transfer credits than will be allowed toward the students degree.

The former numerical classifications will now appear as follows:

1 -> Undergraduate

2 -> Undergraduate

3 -> Undergraduate

4 -> Undergraduate

5 -> Undergraduate

6 -> Post-bacc

7 -> Graduate

8 -> Advanced Graduate

9 -> Doctoral Candidate

0 -> Nondegree

0 -> CE Correspondence Studies

0 -> HS Advanced High School Program

The students degree audit remains the official record of a students academic progress.

July 2

Compass SIS Update

Where are the updates that have been made to various Campus Solutions pages?

A student group field has been added as a searchable field on the student information system search. Please note that another value, other than Student Group, needs to be entered to perform a Student Group search. i.e., Student Group of UFO and Last Name of % (% is a wildcard value) will return all UFO students.

Main Menu Student Information System > SIS Search

Test component descriptions were added to the student services center on the admissions tab test summary

Main Menu > Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center - Admissions Tab

Course descriptions and test descriptions were added the transfer credit report page

Main Menu > Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center

A field was added to the student services center admissions tab to display admit term

Main Menu > Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center Admissions Tab

Advisor links added as a shortcut

Please follow these instructions to add this to your Nav bar:


June 28

Compass SIS Update

For those who update students Program/Plans: In Campus Solutions Summer is one term (not broken down between Summer A, Summer B and Summer C). Therefore, students beginning Summer B will have an Admit Term of 21X5 (not 21X6). Originally, when a Program Change was done for a student (Change of College as well as Major/Plan or PRGC/CMAJ), the Requirement Term (Catalog Year) was then set to their Admit Term. This effectively changed their Requirement Term/Catalog Year to the previous catalog year.

To assure the correct requirement term is maintained when changes are made to a students Program/Plan we have modified how this process works. When using the PRGC/CMAJ action reason and selecting a new program for a student, the admit and requirement term will now not change. The program admit and requirement terms will be the same values on the stack as before. If a student needs a new requirement term associated with the new program, the new value will have to be entered as part of the PRGC/CMAJ action.

As part of the effort to help correct Summer B and IA admits requirement terms, a list is being created that lists students in each college with a current requirement term different from their first requirement term. Each college will receive a list of their students to review. We will reset all requirement terms found on these lists only at the colleges request. Some colleges may prefer to manually evaluate the list and reset requirement terms manually. Thanks to Dean Spillane and Lynn OSickey for helping identify the need for these modifications.

June 13

Compass SIS Update

The myUFL Basics Toolkit has been updated to include more resources around personalization of your workspace, which many find helpful. Please be aware that quarterly Campus Solution upgrades could remove your personalizations. We recommend that you document the personalizations that you select, so you can reimplement should they be eliminated.

May 31

Compass SIS Update

A new Enterprise Analytics report, Department View Schedule of Classes, is now available for viewing class information for Fall 2018 and beyond (once they are created). This report is available by accessing Enterprise Analytics ( and then navigating from the left side of the screen to Team Content Student Information Schedule of Courses Department View Schedule of Classes

The data in the report closely replicates the current Schedule of Courses report with a few exceptions/additions:

Class Number has been added; this is a new unique identifier that is very similar in function to the current Section number

Period has been replaced with Time and Meeting Pattern columns. The meeting pattern column will be blank for Fall 2018 but will begin to contain meaningful data with the Spring 2019 Schedule of Classes (once created).

A column for Class Status has been added. This clearly identifies active classes vs cancelled classes should you choose to search for all classes on the prompt page.

The class status prompt will default to Active (meaning all active sections). You can choose any combination of statuses, but must choose at least one. The additional options are Cancelled, Stop Enrl (this is a step short of cancelling; no new enrollment can be processed, but those that are enrolled do not lose their seats) and Tentative (will not show up in the schedule to students and students also cannot enroll).

Note that departmentally controlled sections are bolded and highlighted blue.

Access has been granted to users with the following security roles:














The security roles/job function matrix is available at

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Daily Registration Updates

You can view the daily registration updates here

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General Information

Based on campus feedback, an issues and suggestion matrix is now available.

What are the differences between the Student Services Center and the Advisee Student Center?

The Advisee Student Center is for use when you are meeting with a student in person. The Advisee Student Center does not display a students UFID to ensure the protection of this student ID number.

The Student Services Center does display a students UFID and is for use when you are not meeting with a student in person.

The functionality of the two pages is the same.

Does the "back" button in take you all the way back to the main menu? Is there a feature to go "back" one step at a time?

Instead of using the back button, navigate to the page using the Main Menu. Depending on the page you are using (e.g. Managing Service Indicators), there may be a cancel or Return to Search button at the bottom of the page that will function as a back button, instead of clicking "back" with your mouse.

How will we be able to utilize Universal Tracking?

More information on this functionality will be provided in a later release.

Where do I go to adjust AP/IB credits?

AP/IB credits can be adjusted in myUFL using the following navigation. NavBar > Main Menu > Student Information System > Records and Enrollment > Transfer Credit Evaluation > Adjust Transfer and Test Credits

How do I access the expanded myUFL search capabilities?

The new search capabilities will enable you to identify students more quickly by displaying additional information. The navigation is Main Menu > Student Information System > SIS Search. To link to additional pages (if you have the appropriate security), right click on the triangle within the name field.

Do you have a report available that will facilitate the ability to crosswalk between a section number and a class number?

Yes, the report is available and has been added to the role UF_SR_CRSE_CATALOG_PUBLIC_VIEW, which should be available to all college and department advisors and room schedulers.

This is available in myUFL using the following navigation. Main Menu > Enterprise Analytics > Access Enterprise Analytics > Team Content > Student Information > Campus Solutions Transition.

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Student Program Plan

What security role(s) are required?


How do I view rotating courses?

For any courses listed with a rotating topic at the section level in the Legacy, the section title will also be listed in the myUFL system, and this title will print on the students transcript.

You can view this in the Student Services Center in myUFL > Main Menu > Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center underneath the Academics tab at the top, then click on the Class information under the students classes. (snippet below) Once you click here, the following page will show you the topic title. You can also view this by clicking on the course number on the Study List Page from Quick Enroll: myUFL> Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Quick Enroll a Student > Study List

Is there a navigational path to register a student that will automatically include the students career for me?

Yes, if you select Quick Enrollment from the Student Services Center Academics tab, the system will include the students primary career.

Are program changes college specific? Can I only change program information for my college or will I be able to make changes to all?

Yes. If you are an undergraduate advisor, you can change any student to your college and make changes to information relevant to your college. Grad advisors will not be able to change programs.

Where/how do you see previous information after a change has been made?

Under the appropriate tab (program, plan, etc.), you can either click the left and right arrows to scroll through the changes, or press view all to see all changes at one time.

Will class and college (i.e. 3LS) designations no longer exist? How will we know what level a student is?

These still exist but are called something different. Class is now called Level, and College is now called Program. You will be able to know what level a student is by his or her career classification (undergraduate is UGRD). You will be able to see specific level information (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) in the Student Services Center in a later release.

There is a statement that reads, "If you change a student's plan after the first day of class, that change will not be effective until the next term for prerequisite checking and reporting purposes?" By "reporting purposes," does this mean any report we pull from the system, or only official reports sent by the university to outside entities? For example, if I change a student's major to accounting a month into the term and the next week want to run a report on all accounting majors, will that student be included in the report?

"Reporting purposes" is UF reporting to external entities, not UF internal reports. In this example, if you change the student's major to accounting today, the student will appear on your reports tomorrow.

The instructions for changing a student's requirement term states, "If the student has a second major or minor, the requirement term should be changed for these plans as well." If the other major or minor is not in our college, will we have the ability to change the requirement term? If not, are we going to have to contact those colleges? What happens if it doesn't get changed?

You will be able to change the requirement term values for everything that is in your college (minor and major plans). If the student is dual degree (major plans in two colleges), you can update your colleges requirement term, and the other college can update theirs (if appropriate). If the student has a minor plan attached that you cannot change because it isn't in your college, the Registrar's Office will catch it and adjust the minor's requirement term.

The instructions say we have to enter the admit term when changing programs, and that is should remain the same as it was before (as opposed to the term in which the student begins the new major). What happens if we enter a different admit term? If I don't have the ability to make that change, then why am I entering the term? If I do, what happens if I change it accidentally?

For undergraduate changes, the admit term will remain the same and is not changeable. The only time you will be able enter the admit term is when you are "creating a new stack" for a graduate student. This is when the student is already in a graduate program, and you are adding a second graduate program. The page will allow you to enter a different admit term, but the Registrar's Office will get an error report and fix it. We hope our graduate coordinators enter the correct admit term, but there is a safety net!

How do I change the Program/Plan of a student when he or she has a minor or was enrolled at UF as 0HS (dual enrollment)?

In some cases, a students minor shows as his or her first plan on the Academics page. The minor will show as UNXXX (non-degree/college) and the major will show as UGXXX (degree-seeking/college). If the UGXXX is in GRAY, you are OK to hit Edit Program Data and change the Program and Plan. But if the UNXXX is in GRAY, youll need to click on UGXXX to select that Plan as the one you want to change (it will then turn GRAY).

You can find toolkits and simulations that explain how to change the major here (Change to a Major Within the Same College When There is a Minor and Change to a Major in a Different College When There is a Minor).

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Student Groups

What security role(s) are required?


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Service Indicators

What security role(s) are required?


What is the process for changing the display text of a service indicator?

This process has not changed from the old system to the new. You may continue to email Beckie Preston in the Registrar's Office to request to change the text of a service indicator.

How do I clear a lingering hold for a student who changed colleges?

If a student was changed into your college and had a hold from a previous college, that hold will remain. The colleges now have the ability to remove this hold.

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What security role(s) are required?


How do I see General Education courses that meet multiple General Education requirements?

A link General education courses that meet multiple general education requirements is available from the Registrars Office web site, as well as from the Schedule of Courses in ONE.UF.

How do I register a student for a variable-credit class?

Go to Quick Enroll, click the Units and Grade tab, then enter the number of units in Unit Taken.

Are advisors able to override prerequisites at the course and/or class number (section) level?

Yes, prerequisites can be overridden at both the course and class number (section) level.

How do we know if the class number is department controlled?

When you view the Class Details for a particular course, the Enrollment Information section will read "Add Consent: Department Consent Required".

How do I find the class number for a class?

To see the class number in myUFL, open the Navigation Bar then Schedule of Courses.

I am missing a menu function. What do I need to do to get that menu function on my page ?

Contact your Department Security Administrator to discuss being granted access to this menu function.

How do I obtain the security role(s) that are required?

Contact your Department Security Administrator to discuss being granted access to this menu function.

If there are multiple sections for a course, are they listed as increasing 5-digit course numbers?

No, not always. Some courses numbers are listed consecutively now. However, when the schedule is created in the new system, beginning with Spring 2019 term, that will not be the case.

I am trying to register for Registration Training, and I have not been able to gain access. Is there a number I can call for help?

When logging into the myTraining page (using Chrome or Internet Explorer), search for course OUR003. Once you have located the course, click on the arrow in the blue Select button and choose Register.

How do you to tell the difference between off-book sections from other sections.

For now, departments should still access Course Development to see which sections are self-funded (off-book).

Is there any remedy in the works for being able to use the "period" system, versus an "hour" display? Is UF going to be abandoning "periods"?

UF is not abandoning the period system; however, the view in the Campus Solutions system shows an hour display (time based), instead of a period system.

I just looked at the Access to Enrollment Functions and it has the wrong Enrollment Access Group for me.

Email and include what the error is, what you believe your access should be, and your UFID.

It seems that I have to take registration action through the "records and enrollment", but I can't actually view a student's schedule unless I am in the Student Services Center. Is this true?

If you have only one window open in your browser, this is correct. You will have to go from either Quick Enroll or Enrollment Request back to the students schedule on the Student Services Center. However, in the new system, it is possible to have one students record open in multiple windows. This will allow for adding or dropping courses in one window followed by a refresh of the the schedule in the other window to verify the changes.

Is there a weekly schedule view for current and future registrations?

To access a weekly view of a students schedule, in the Student Services Center, select the Weekly Schedule link. If you pick the first week of the term you wish to see, current or future, that term is what will display. Similarly, the start or end time can be changed.

I want to register a student for a course before his or her appointment time. Is this possible? Also, how do I override a students appointment?

Department staff members with the appropriate security may register a student for a course in their own department prior to the students appointment time. To override a students appointment go to Main Menu > Student Information System > Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Quick Enroll a Student. Select a student by entering the UFID, career and term, and click add. Then select the General Overrides tab. Check the box under appointment and click submit.

How do I find which course sections are EEP eligible?

In the Schedule of Courses, under the Course Properties filter, check the Employee Education Program box to see EEP-eligible sections.

Where can I verify the course prerequisites?

Course prerequisites may be verified via the Enrollment Requisite Summary.

This is available in myUFL using the following navigation. Main Menu > Student Information System > Curriculum Management > Enrollment Requirements > Enrollment Requisite Summary > Search - fill in Subject Area (prefix) and Catalog Nbr (course number).

The instruction guide for this function may be found here

Please Note: The myUFL SIS prerequisite checking system has been synced with the current undergraduate and graduate catalogs. As a result, some prerequisites that were not previously enforced are now enforced.

If you get reports from students that they are getting prerequisite error messages, first check that it is not because the prerequisite course is being taken in summer (for this year, the system cant see those courses). Then look at the prerequisite to see if it is correct. Send any corrections by email the OUR Compass Questions list.

How can I access a weekly view of a students schedule?

To access a weekly view of a students schedule, in the Student Services Center, select the Weekly Schedule link. If you pick the first week of the term you wish to see, current or future, that term is what will display. Similarly, the start or end time can be changed as well.

This is available in myUFL using the following navigation. Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center. Select a student by entering the UFID then select Weekly Schedule under This Weeks Schedule.

Why am I having issues with repeating courses?

There is a new repeat course policy that does not allow students to register if they have completed the course with a C or better. The students college is supposed to make a determination whether to grant an exception and allow the student to retake the course.

Spring enrollments were copied into the new system as of March 1; therefore, drops after that date will not be reflected. Since enrolled courses are seen as earning a C in the prerequisite checker, the system will show the student as trying to repeat a course in which he/she has earned a C. If you are seeing this on your screen, email the OUR Compass Questions list, and this team will forward the spring term drop into Campus Solutions to allow the student to register. This does mean the student must drop before they can register to take the course again.

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Tips and Tricks

Is there a way to navigate to tabs without using your mouse?

Yes, for pages like the Student Services Center, if you hold down ALT+shift as well as the underlined letter of the word, i.e., G for General Info, (ALT+shift+G) you are able to navigate to the tab without using your mouse.

Is there a way to open a lookup table without using your mouse?

Yes, if a field has a lookup function (magnifying glass), such as on the Class Roster page, once you are within the specific text box (i.e., Term), you can press Alt+5 to display the lookup page.

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Degree Audit

Why wouldnt a student be able to see a change to their degree audit in ONE.UF if a change was made to their degree audit in Campus Solutions?

Until Release 5b (in July) students will view their audits in the legacy system. In order for students to see the exception in ONE.UF, advisors would need to make the update in both systems (legacy and Campus Solutions).

Will an audit display if the student is not active in a program?

The audit wont display, but you can run an audit by going to the what-if functionality, and running the audit from there.

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Training and Toolkit

If you have any Compass questions, email