Student Information Systems FAQ


Are program changes college specific? Can I only change program information for my college or will I be able to make changes to all?

Yes. You can change any student to your college and make changes to information relevant to your college.

Where/how do you see previous information after a change has been made?

Under the appropriate tab (program, plan, etc.) you can either click the left and right arrows to scroll through the changes, or press view all to see all changes at one time.

How will we be able to utilize Universal Tracking?

More information on this functionality is coming in a later release.

Will class and college (i.e. 3LS) designations no longer exist? How will we know what level a student is?

These still exist but are called something different. Class is now called Career, and College is now called Program. You will be able to know what level a student is by his or her career classification (undergraduate is UGRD). You will be able to see specific level information (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior in the student services center in a later release.

There is a statement that reads, "If you change a student's plan after the first day of class, that change will not be effective until the next term for pre-requisite checking and reporting purposes?" By "reporting purposes," does this mean any report we pull from the system, or only official reports sent by the university to outside entities? For example, if I change a student's major to accounting a month into the term and the next week want to run a report on all accounting majors, will that student be included in the report?

"Reporting purposes" is UF reporting to external entities, not UF internal reports. In this example, if you change the student's major to accounting today, the student will appear on your reports tomorrow.

The instructions for changing a student's requirement term states, "If the student has a second major or minor, the requirement term should be changed for these plans as well." If the other major or minor is not in our college, will we have the ability to change the requirement term? If not, are we going to have to contact those colleges? What happens if it doesn't get changed?

You will be able to change the requirement term values for everything that is in your college (minor and major plans). If the student is dual degree (major plans in two colleges), you can update your colleges requirement term, and the other college can update theirs (if appropriate). If the student has a minor plan attached that you cannot change because it isn't in your college, the Registrar's Office will catch it and adjust the minor's requirement term.

The instructions say we have to enter the admit term when changing programs, and that is should remain the same as it was before (as opposed to the term in which the student begins the new major). What happens if we enter a different admit term? If I don't have the ability to make that change, then why am I entering the term? If I do, what happens if I change it accidentally?

For undergraduate changes, the admit term will remain the same and is not changeable. The only time you will be able enter the admit term is when you are "creating a new stack" for a graduate student. This is when the student is already in a graduate program, and you are adding a second graduate program. The page will allow you to enter a different admit term, but the Registrar's Office will get an error report and fix it. We hope our graduate coordinators enter the correct admit term, but there is a safety net!

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