Degree Application

Apply for your Degree

In order to be considered for a degree, all students must complete an online degree application in ONE.UF by the appropriate deadline.

Students must apply in the term in which they expect to graduate, regardless of applications in previous terms. All requirements for the degree must be completed as of the date of certification. Students who have completed all the requirements for their degree will be required to graduate.

Applying After the Deadline

Undergraduate students who wish to be added to the degree candidate list must petition their college dean's office by the last day of classes.

Graduate students must contact their college dean's office and have until the published mid-point deadline of the term to apply late for a degree. Graduate students who do not apply by the midpoint of the term must apply to graduate the following term.

Late Application & Commencement

Students who have been approved as a late-degree applicant should allow 48 hours for the application to be processed. After at least 48 hours, the bookstore will have degree/regalia information for students who wish to order regalia to participate in commencement. The names of late-degree applicants may not appear in the commencement program if it has gone to press.