When Can You Waive a Regulation?

Petition Policy

  • All students are held accountable to the academic regulations published in the undergraduate catalog. The petitions process is the procedure used to request a waiver of a specific regulation.

  • The committee considers your total university record, academic records from other institutions, test scores and other data in conjunction with your petition. Be sure to identify and document all relevant facts as clearly and succinctly as possible.

  • Academic deadlines will be considered when a petition is reviewed. If you experienced extenuating circumstances during a term, but these circumstances did not prevent you from meeting a specific deadline, such as the deadline to drop a course or to withdraw from all courses, then you may still be held accountable to that deadline.

  • If you request to drop one (or more) course(s) in a semester because of extenuating circumstances, yet you want to keep other courses in that same semester, you must address specifically why only the selected course(s) was affected by the extenuating circumstances. If you cannot satisfactorily address this for the committee, your request will be denied.

  • Per FAC Rule 6C-7.002(10), all requests for a refund of fees must be submitted to the university within six months of the close of the semester to which the refund is applicable.

  • If petitioning for a waiver of the Repeat Course Surcharge for financial hardship, the instructor statement and interviewing officer forms are not necessary. However, you must provide financial documentation proving an unmet or outstanding financial need, such as UF SFA's Student Financial Statement.

  • The University of Florida does not practice grade forgiveness on any level. The petitions process cannot be used as a form of grade forgiveness. Therefore, if the committee determines that you earned the grade or grades in question, your petition will not be approved.

  • If your petition is denied and you want to continue to pursue the petition, you may appeal the decision to the University Ombuds.